Slowly, slowly Nyati’s coming to life. Here’s the multi function GUI car AV entertainment system which combines a DVD player, radio, blue tooth communication, virtual CDC, GPS navigation (including “tracks for Africa”) external analogue /digital TV, externally plugged ipod player & audio power amplifier together, forward looking camera, it adopts dedicated, slot loading DVD chips which can play DVD, VCD,MP3, WMA, MPEG4, JPEG, it also adopts high-sensitivity FM & AM digital tuner with a 6.2″ extra-clear adjustable digital TFT LCD with reverse radar, reverse camera disc changer,NAV, AV & other interfaces for auxiliary functions. 😮 😮 :-o… I know all this because I copied it from the handbook, God only knows what any of it means. As long as the thing picks up East coast radio, plays a DVD or two & gets me to the nearest water hole, I’ll be happy. :-)