"Can I come out yet" ?

Not very brave, our Gypsy.

Helens long anticipated visit had started a couple of days early, & run for a couple of weeks longer than expected, leaving little room for an extroverted alter-ego.

From Windhoek international, Nyati cruised down to Swakopmunt on the Atlantic… Very cool, but the drive up the skeleton coast, apart from Henties Bay, quickly became tedious.

We turned inland to visit Spitzkoppen… Terrific…  What a place… A "must see".

Etosha's a world renowned, very big, nature destination… Yup, it's all there to be seen… lion, ellie, rhino, all sorts… Some of the game viewing from the camp "hide" facilities is truly spectacular… Especially under lights.

Lion & Elephant drinking not more than 4 meters away… If you're lucky… & quiet.

Visitors from all around the world are blown away by Etosha …
Ah, but I think that's because they haven't been to Kruger or even Umfolosi yet… There's really no comparison.

We had a great time in Etosha…
We made it great.

There's a bloody great big lump of iron laying in the veld between Tsumeb & Grootfontain… 
The Hobas meteorite.

A fascinating thing to see & feel…
It intimidates your senses in it's own silent way… Cool.
I couldn't help imagining the utter chaos, the heat, noise & light, the explosion it's firey arrival must have caused.
What a grand entrance THAT must have been.

The Caprivi strip proved to be heavily forested, & the campsites along the Okavango river are run by some of the most amazingly hospitable people it's been my privilege to meet…

Salt of the Earth living in Rundu.
Why ?  Why ?  Why ?
Maybe it's the boat trips…

On the Okavango river, we shared the February full moon rise from dining table chairs balanced on the deck of a rickety boat, with eager eyed crocs, in Angola.

Crossing into Botswana was easy… African efficiency of course, but all pleasant, with not a hint of corruption on either side… Lekker.

Drotskies campsite, on the banks of the Okavango's another "Must visit"…
As was "Ngepi" before it, in the Caprivi…
Hippy… Very hippy… Carved out of the jungle.

It's a long, straightforward drive to Maun, down the Western flank of the delta.
Bugger all to see except for donkeys, lots of donkeys.

From Maun international, we took a fantastic helicopter flight over the delta…
Such a great experience…
Big game everywhere… Unseen, except from the air, & the little chopper got in quite close.
Barry, a very skilled pilot, was fully aware of the disturbing effect our presence could have, & got the most out of every encounter.

The highlight of this trip so far… Terrific.

Just as quickly as it started, February's visit was over, & tomorrow we're back to "solo" with the remote backroads of Botswana beckoning.

Ja, you can come out now.



2 thoughts on “February”

  1. Hi Paul. Just a short note. We met in Onrus Caravan Park near Hermanus. I so remember u calling me a kindered spirit. I followed ur blog untill the end. What a great experience. Something to remember always. Well mjst to let u know that i have lost my beloved and dearest travel companion in Jan. Very suddenly and this is very very difficult time for me. We were to travel Botswana and Namibie for two months from 15 April to end of June. Bad blow but i am coping. Thanx for ur great travels i enjoyed every minute of it. God bless and keep well.

    1. Hi Iona,

      Oh, I'm SO sorry to hear of your loss.
      I think of you so very often, Onrus was a great place to visit, & I remember your wonderful enthusiasm very well…
      It shone through in every comment you posted too.
      Be strong, God has a plan for you.
      Kind regards,

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