Fund raising U turn

From the moment I learned about *Medicin Sans Frontiers* (Doctors without Borders) I’ve admired the organisation. They’re big, international and fearless. They do SO much good for humankind all around the world. Surely a good cause that Nyati could assist. But… Nyati’s an AFRICAN odyssey, running on pure energy, passion, and *joie de vivre.* Everywhere you look, our African wildlife is spiraling into extinction, pushed along by a mixture of obscene international greed and local, poverty stricken, ignorant people who, born without a shred of compassion, would hack the teeth out of their grandchildren for a pair of used red Reeboks. It’s mayhem out there. So… who’s going to stand up for our wildlife? Drs. Johan Marais, Gerhard Steenkamp, their assistants and sponsors, that’s who! They’re local vets who’ve been at the forefront of the effort to fight the effects of this slaughter through their organisation Saving the Survivors for years now. Take a look at their website, you’ll see. ( *Au revoir* MSF you are an awesome organisation … but I’m more passionate about Saving the Survivors… This is an African fight. It’s immediate, it’s here, and it’s NOW. Lets get to it. Spread the word… better still, if you can, donate MONEY!!!