Homeward bound

Once the decision had been taken, it all became easy… Water flowing downhill.

Excitement levels reached an all-time high.

I suspect Nyati's silhouette became subtly sleeker… Longer… Lower.

I woke earlier, showered the evening before, got away quickly.
Botswana's still a big territory & we had a long way to go.

Along the way… On the hoof, emails & WhatsApps were probing ahead.
Hard decisions had to be made…
Arrangements put in place…
There could be no compromise.
Nyati's coming home.

Campsites came & went… Good, bad & indifferent… Sad to say, Nyati was now on a mission.

Today Nyati would roll back onto South African soil.
After much deliberation, I decided to use the little border post at Stockport, "Parr's Halt" because it was way off the busy truckers route to the main roads of SA & should be quick.
The last thing I wanted was to be held up all day behind a line of lorries.

As we approached the checkpoint  another reason for this roads unpopularity amongst heavies showed itself…

The big board said…

            Narrow bridge. Weight limit of
            9 tons strictly enforced.

Oh SHIT… Nyati's running at 10.5 tons.

It's a hellofa long way back, but there's no point in aggravating these guys ?

"Fuck that… Move over… Go & get a pack of Styvesants… I'll get this slinky bitch through".

I looked into the mirror… YES… she was BACK…
Very tanned, a little unkempt, in need of a haircut…
My clear eyed Gypsy… ready for anything.
I spruced up…changed my shirt… Brushed my hair.

Passport formalities WERE quick.

Now for the bridge… I could see it ahead. Mmmm…  Kinda narrow…  Spindly looking too… I thought I felt a sharp nudge in the ribs.

The kid in a Botswana defence force uniform sidled over… I reckon he'd never seen a White with such a BIG wide smile…
Or a truck with horns… Oh yeah.

"I want your weighbridge cert…"

He started, but didn't finish, saw the Styvesants & almost lifted his cap.

"Thanks Man, I'll bring more back with me"… Waving… Smiling… Hey hey hey.

Lying basterd,  but he heard me & waved in happy, youthful anticipation.

"Sorry for lying God, but PLEASE hold this bridge steady".

Of course he did.



8 thoughts on “Homeward bound”

  1. What an experience you have had. Just LOVE the way you write – always makes us have a laugh. Travel safely and keep blogging!

    1. Thanks Sharron,
      It's been a hellofan adventure, made all the more enjoyable by knowing people were "with me", reading this blog.
      Stay safe.

  2. Wow, what a decision, safe journey home. Where and when is the next adventure with Nyati. I am sure Nyati is disappointed with the idea of going home and parked off in the drive way, she would much prefer to be on an adventure.

  3. Thanks for sharing your exciting trip with us all. As usual you wrote a easy to read, wonderful blog with stunning photos. I hope you are going to have your favourite pics done on canvass and hung somewhere in your new abode. All the best for the next part of your life’s journey. go well my friend.

    1. This's a genuine case of, "It was my pleasure".
      I enjoyed almost every kilometer, but decided after SA, the rest becomes a bit "More of the same".

  4. Paul, my dear friend, you said you wanted this, you said you wanted to do this….AND YOU BLOODY WELL DID IT TO, proud of you man, well done, you’ve collected a world of experiences that none of us would ever dream of getting to, and now its homeward bound, you’ve always told me, “Nothing last forever, be it good or bad”………..drive carefully and get home soon.

    1. Thanks Garth… Yup, every day offers a new adventure if you're prepared to take it…
      Nyati's cruising home… Like dancing with Angels Man.

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