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      1. Thank you both… Yup it's all good, I'm
        Still at De Rust, finding it difficult to leave such an enjoyable place… Maybe sometime next week…The Karoo might be a little kinder now that we're moving out of the worst of Winter & into Spring.

    1. So enjoying your journey with you. I hope you are going to get to the flowers as you are so close. They are a sight to behold.
      I am wearing my rugby shirt but it didn’t help the game against Japan that made the boys sit up and try harder.

      1. Oh Marion, this's such a great way to not only see, but to experience these "out of the way" parts of our wonderful country. Traveling like this keeps me so close to the ground, I meet & mingle with people I would never have the opportunity to meet any other way. Sometimes its hair-raising, sometimes I'm close to dispare, but mostly its great fun & very rewarding if I just don't weaken.

    2. Glad to know your EX’s may perhaps have some use after all!!
      You are indeed having a wonderful time, with unbelievable
      experiences! Go well my friend.

    3. Wow Paul, I am so enjoying your journey. I actually feel like I am on this amazing and trying journey, without the Goggos 😉 Run Nyati, Run!

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