Here’s the “new look”, pimped up Nyati. Carrying the STS logo, Nyati’s own logo, Nyati’s blog address & a pic of a couple of happy, healthy rhino (as we want to see them all) Hopefully this will raise awareness of STS, & generate much needed cash donations to this great cause.


Inevitable, I suppose, something was bound to derail Nyati’s march towards final departure. It was all going so smoothly… Slowly, but smoothly, The news that my bookkeeping wasn’t up to date came as no surprise, but, oh God, how can ANYTHING take THIS long to sort out ?

So Nyati’s been hung up here, parked in the “cottage” driveway, for the past couple of months. Gathering dust? Maybe, but living on board has given me the opportunity to get all sorts of bits & pieces done. Again with the help of some friends.

Alan brought around a bloody great big manually operated recovery winch that can be hung off the front or back, as needed.

Carolyn put together a terrific tent-like mozzie net… Very, very cool.

Calvin produced some beautiful signage to promote awareness of Saving the Survivors. The DSTV installation was eventually sorted out. A complete inventory of spares & equipment like a lightweight aluminium trolley & telescopic ladder was bought & stowed away.

How the hell did I imagine Nyati was ready to roll without all this stuff? Not to mention loading the bicycle, chucking out the drinking water tank gauges & replacing them with a basic, can’t go wrong, dipstick system. Buying a great Nikon & on & on & on. Come on you bloody accountants, get on with it… Nyati needs to roll…

Soon, before it bursts at the seams.