Angels & miracles

I'd just patted Nyati & myself on the back for getting this far so easily when that irritating little "putter putter putter" sound became a grinding, clacking noise straight out of the worst nightmare.
Here we were, Sunday afternoon, strangers in a strange land, 10 tons of hurting Nyati, getting close to becoming disabled.

Amazingly, 300 meters ahead, a "Star" rest stop sign… "thank God, if only we can get up the offramp, we might find some safety".

Heart in mouth, Nyati & I ground into the truck stop…Thank you, thank you, thank you… Imagine being stranded out on that lonely road, completely at the mercy of some of the world's most discompassionate  creatures… My worst fear had been averted but now to find out what, & how bad, the damage was.

Eish… Nyati's right hand rear wheel was a bloody mess. A wheel stud was missing, broken off, some wheel nuts where loose with stripped threads & grease & oil was dripping everywhere. My breathing became shallow, a steel band tightened around my chest, this could be terminal. If the damage went deep into my faithful old workhorse, it could be the end. I needed a miracle. If ever there was a time for those much loved Guardian Angels to make their presence felt, this was it.

Before trying to remove the damaged wheel, I desperately needed a sandwich & some coffee. I was hardly breathing properly, fear & despair were draining me both physically & emotionally, I couldn't face the hardship that I knew lay ahead.

I turned toward the coffee shop & BANG, it happened AGAIN.  It's happened to me before, but NEVER so quickly. There's been the "needle in a haystack" episode involving a gearbox, gypsies & a scrapyard with Carolyn. The "broken suspension" incident deep in Zimbabwe's bandit country with Helen & the kids. Helen & the kids again, with S.Y. Enigma anchored in shallow water on a lee shore off Mozambique, with a broken C.V. joint.

Those "miracles", amongst others, happened over a period of time, this was immediate  ! ! !

Parked at the coffee shop entrance was an Angel. In truth, I didn't actually see the angel,  I saw the signwriting right across the side of the bakkie she was driving…


I almost fell over. The only vehicle in the entire place… 2 minutes either way & I would've missed her. I told her of my predicament & she said, with the greatest pride & conviction "Ag, don't worry, my husband & his brother can fix ANYTHING… They're the best mechanics in Bloemfontein".

Call it what you like, I was in SERIOUS & very deep SHIT.  How is it possible that at the very moment, & at the very place I needed one, a very specialised technician was available & willing to help right there & then ?  Reading this, you might scoff, or feel a smirk coming on, but whatever you call the God you pray to, I believe it was His guiding hand.

Thys (the husband) came straight out & started ministering first aid to Nyati.  Within an hour we were safely back at the Mayfair Gearbox yard where I met the brother…  "My God, another one". Identical twin Charles,  also 6 foot plus, a lot of Vry Staat beef. Very difficult to tell apart except that Charles wears a cellphone blue tooth most of the time.

The boys are mentored, supervised & generally harassed by Johan, their Pa, & supported by Johanette their sister, as well as being helped by their uncle… A REAL family affair.

They do everything "by the book" & never allow an "untrained" hand to touch their work apart from lifting, carrying or washing it. 😉 

This story's getting long enough without going into the details of what was done or why it happened…  Fingers can be pointed in all directions,  but as Henry Ford said, "Don't find fault. Find a remedy"… I LOVE that… It's the only way forward. 

So the boys replaced both sides with genuine Merc. parts. Seals, studs, washers & nuts, machined the wheel hubs to sit flush. (They were damaged previously, we think.) & after topping up with diff. oil & going for a test drive, it was time to pay the bill & leave.

I drove away with a lump in my throat… They had taken me into their family.  Feeding & housing me & repairing Nyati to the very best of their considerable capabilities. My God bless them, their families & their business.


3 thoughts on “Angels & miracles”

  1. This is a great family, special people.
    Thanks guys for always going the extra mile. We are so proud to have you as part of the Mayfair Team


  2. Wow! Incredible, and touched by miracles yet again. Thank you to all the Mayfair team for getting my pa safely back on his epic journey.

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