Mountain hide away.

I'd noticed "Di bus stop" on the road to Clarens… A bright red bus, advertising art, adventuring, food, camping & everything in between. 

They had a small campsite, high up in the mountains next to a dam, with a rudimentary stone hut that hunters sometimes used… Empty now… Perfect.

The dam water level was very low, testament to the long dry season they've had this year.  Which also meant that it's one of the few watering holes in the area… Next morning, after being visited by the local farmer with a packet of magnificent, home made, red  hartbeeste boerewors… "He'd seen me braaing the night before"… (Oh, so I AM being watched… But what GREAT Free State hospitality  ! )… in the hour between 8.00 & 9.00, the water was visited by baboons, geese, guinea fowl, francolin, horses, eland, a pigeon was taken by a hawk less than 3 meters from me & a pair of coots calmly added to their nest the whole time… So lekker I decided to stay another night… I had plenty to braai, so,  why not?


2 thoughts on “Mountain hide away.”

  1. Looks like you’re getting into proper “travel mode” now Paul.

    Bit of luck finding that watering hole, amazing how much wildlife you can see in South Africa without even visiting a game reserve.

    That haartebeest boerewors sounds intriguing, how did it taste?

    1. yup, it's 2 weeks to the day… Funnily enough, the wors tasted just like your Mom & I used to make out of duiker… Lekker in the extreme.

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