ECVC update.

Today's the last of the year, & I'm "over the moon" after hearing great news from Pastor Tony.

When I bought the "Christmas gift" of groceries for ECVC from the local Spar, I chatted to the manager Jannie,  telling him what I was doing, & asked him what it would take to get food help directly to ECVC.
Jannie told me his donation/charity budget was spent for 2015 (understandably), but he would consider helping next year if Tony approached him directly.

Tony's just called me to say he met with Jannie today & that Spar's going to assist with food donations in 2016…

Hey, hey, hey… Now THAT'S wonderful.
That's exactly what they need… A consistent, reliable supplier of staple food…
Thank you Jannie.
Thank you Spar.

This's a very big deal for me…
Not the monetary value, nor the quantity of food…
It's the security.

Nyati's visit here HAS had a positive impact…

THIS makes my year  !!


9 thoughts on “ECVC update.”

    1. Thanks Georgie,
      Ja, I THINK this's more meaningful here, in this African context, than the European, "Father Christmas" thing."
      Only time will tell…
      Ironically, we'll never know though.

  1. What a lovely way to start the New Year. I often have a little moan about this and that and Adam is very quick to remind me that whatever it is – car breaking down, missing the coach from Gatwick… they are third world problems! You can’t cure the ills of the world, but at the risk of sounding like Tesco’s slogan ‘ every little helps’. looking forward to Windhoek in a few weeks time. X

    1. Yup… I hope it has a positive effect…
      Like your quilts do.
      Windhoek's just a "hop skip & jump" from here, so I'm looking for a "slow" route to eat up the time.:-*

    1. You know, it really is a good feeling.
      We cruise through life so effortlessly…
      Time spent focusing on relieving a seemingly impossible problem others have, is very satisfying.
      It's up to ECVC now, to make the most of Spars sponsorship.
      Still lekker though.

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