Life’s new chapter.

08.30 Friday, 14th of August 2015… Nyati set sail headed due East. Oh, the emotions… The memories of taking S.Y. Enigma out of the safety of Durban harbour, all came flooding back…Exciting, terrifying… hoisting the genoa, the mainsail… Feeling the boat settling into the swell… Mmmm, then the moment I switched off the diesel engine & we were one with the sea… Unforgettable. But this wasn’t Enigma, designed & built for the deep blue ocean… This is Nyati, just as tough & ready for Mother Africa.

This time there was no family standing by my side, all wide eyed & wondering what the hell we were doing, but doing it anyway… Starting a new chapter in our lives. Driving away from Kloof, my mind was filled with confusing thoughts not least of all… “what the hell am I doing this time ?”… Conclusion… “I don’t know, but I’m doing it anyway”

The first stop was “industrial chainsaw” in PMB to fit a new blade & chain to the Husquvarna. If ever proof was needed that size really does matter, try fitting a piddling 450mm blade onto the mighty SP694 husky. Eish, talk about a rat on a pumpkin or a dehorned rhino. My faithful old 694 is a ferocious beast of a machine that used to work nonstop 8hrs a day for months on end cutting huge gum trees into manageable 300x50x6m long roofing timbers. Now fitted for cutting firewood or obstacles blocking Nyati’s “off the beaten track” progress. It looks unbalanced, but, oh how wonderful to hear that familiar 2 stroke growl again.

Nyati drove up to ‘Maritzberg easily & then onwards & upwards. Climbing town hill took considerably longer than when I was driving the “silky”. Ah, my wonderful SLK… Now gone to pastures new. May they treat you with the respect you deserve, my trusty old cowcatcher.

So, here we are, Nyati & I, parked on the leeward shore of Midmar dam. It’s much higher than Kloof & there’s a chilly wind picking up, changing the very pleasant experience of sitting out, under the stars, what to do?

It makes me think of Confucius who reportedly said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”. So I’m going to chuck another log on the fire & sit closer. Here begins a new chapter in life.


6 thoughts on “Life’s new chapter.”

  1. Hi Paul, Met you @ Merrivale Spar on Sat. What can I say but, Give it HORNS!! Boet and have a bash!! I’m following not in the to distant future with my “mixed breed” Magirus. Soo envy you but can hold on for now! Happy safe and many km’s traveling!! Evan

    1. It was great meeting you yesterday. I wish you all the best in your project. Do you have any photos of your monster ?

  2. From Hello my dear old friend, Came round on Saturday afternoon 15th August for our usual ‘man talk’ only to find that you had ‘slipped away’ the morning before. The space looked so empty by that cottage, and Kloof will be lonely, with only one of the 3 Musketeers ! I never knew about your meeting with Martin in Hillcrest, thoughts of motoring through Serengeti, tugs at my heart strings. Must confess, for that type of journey, one needs to be as bullet proof as I was, when I last was in that wonderful part of the road. So take care my friend, you are a little more ‘fragile’ now, travel carefully, enjoy it and see you on your return J

    1. Thank you George, you'll be in my thoughts every kilometre of the way. Maybe you'll recognise many of the places & situations visited… I hope so. Please follow the blog, & make comments when you can.
      Keep well my friend… See you when I get back.

    2. Absolutely amazing that your Dream has become a Reality. How great is that! LOVE your ‘blog’ and accompanying pictures – worth getting it published. So pleased you phoned JP today – the hand of ‘you know who’ works in mysterious ways!!

      1. Thank you Sharron…
        As with S.Y. Enigma, Nyati's been a long time in the building…
        I consider it as part of the journey…
        Now the game really begins.
        All my best to Barry.

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