Nyati at Sterkfontein

Moving on

Nyati & I bade farewell to Midmar dam & it’s very accommodating camp sites, & headed for the OFS. It had been a great place for the first stopover. Close enough to home for disbelieving friends to drive up to, to make sure I was REALLY going. Can you believe it ? :-).

No more N Roads if it can be helped… back roads from now on.

Immediately, I recognised the forgotten beauty of the Nottingham Rd, Mooi River & Estcourt farmlands all along the old R103. How had I forgotten so quickly ? Our new, but soulless tollroads have put another, unforseen price onto fast road travel… WOW… I remember now, slow down, if you can, take the old routes…meander… We live in a very special place.
At one time I thought perhaps I was on the wrong Road, then I remembered… there isn’t one. 😉

Through Winterton & Bergville & onto the daunting Oliviershoek pass. Nyati’s most daunting hurdle so far. Water temperature up into the 90’s, slowly, very slowly we crested the mountains & were rewarded with breathtaking views all across Natal. This’s a sight no one can ever forget. I can’t get enough of it…from sitting in a berg cave, or in Nyati’s warm & comfortable embrace… Soul food.

No, before you ask, I couldn’t see your house from there!!

Finally, onto Sterkfontein nature reserve, similar to Midmar, but very much wilder. Nyati’s 4wheel drive capabilities took us to an otherwise inaccessible spot in the wilderness where the truck was surrounded by all sorts of edibles… Tempting, but the fridge’s still well stocked. :-S

Hey, hey…altitude + sunset = bloody cold. The moment the sun went in, so did I.


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